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Metal Buildings

Foremost Buildings are custom engineered to meet specific building requirements, industry standards and local building codes. The integrity of steel and long life finishes make a Foremost Building more than just a steel building, but an excellent investment and a building to be proud of for many years to come.

Foremost Buildings are designed to be erector friendly. A minimum of loose parts and pieces, along with purlin and girt clips that are factory welded to the frames cut erection time. Post and beam end frames consist of heavy wide flange or built-up members to add rigidity and speed erection as compared to light-gage members.

For aesthetic appeal, you can choose from our very wide selection of roof and wall panels or mate our systems to conventional materials like stucco or masonry for the look you desire.

For value, functionality and beauty, choose Foremost.


 Whether your need is retail, automotive, office, distribution, warehousing or refrigerated storage, Foremost has a solution for you. Our flexibility in design, means that our buildings can be configured to almost any requirement from attracting customers to providing a good work environment, to speeding goods to customers.


Industry requires buildings that work as hard as the people and machinery inside of them. Foremost Buildings are highly engineered and manufactured to provide more than just shelter from the elements. Our buildings are designed for your specific requirements for supporting heavy overhead cranes, conveying systems, piping loads or rooftop loads. We can tailor a building or buildings to fit your equipment layouts and product flow, rather than trying to make your process fit our building.


With available large clear spans and heights, we provide hangar buildings for small to large aircraft. Our buildings are designed to accept bi-fold or rolling door systems. Overhead crane support for maintenance hangars is readily available. Aesthetics can be added as needed.

Recreation/ Community/ Church

The needs of this category range from indoor tennis courts to fire stations to places of worship. Each has its unique requirements for space allocation or aesthetics. Our flexibility and attention to customer needs enables us to economically provide buildings that meet the varied needs of varied occupancies.


What is a specialty building? A specialty building is just about anything you want it to be. We are not afraid to deviate from the metal building template. For example, the unique needs of the dairy industry have led us to develop specialized designs for large freestall dairy barns. Our freestall design uses structural steel primary framing with either wood or steel secondary framing. In either case, our design is optimized to provide the best environment for cows and to eliminate bird-nesting places common with other steel designs.